“Each and every one of us is an artist, by virtue of being painters of light with our movement, thoughts and energetic imaginings.”
— Alina Wilczynski


very action, thought and imagining — as energy — leaves a record, a trail of its existence, its expansion over time and its intertwining with every other action, thought and imagining.

With an inward vision, if we allow ourselves to explore what this observed light and color might look like, the act (and art) of sharing our work, our passions, our dreams takes on an entirely new form.

I see the possibilities for Light Painting everywhere, which keeps me up most nights dreaming of ways to introduce the technique to a greater audience of other artists, content creators and performers, athletes, academics and entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions, adventurers, students and children of all ages.


‘ve designed/photographed and/or directed campaigns for clients — corporate to mom & pop, non-profits to municipalities to cabaret singers — including M&M/Mars, Robin Hood Foundation, Queens Council on the Arts, LOGO Channel, Sierra Club, Town of Southampton, Costume Designer Eric Winterling, Tony-Award Winning Sound Designer Clive Goodwin and Plus-Size Model Emme. And I’ve exhibited my work in galleries and community spaces throughout the New York City area.

I’ve also organized and/or photographed events featuring entrepreneurs and executives, filmmakers and playwrights, authors, artists and athletes at venues big and small, including MoMA, Asia Society & Museum, American Folk Art Museum and various galleries, boardrooms and backyards.

Yet, after all of my career experiences, nothing has been as moving, fulfilling or humbling as rediscovering light painting photography and bringing others into the art-making process with it, whether for business or educational purposes or for pure spontaneous fun.

An aspect of the work that has been the most fascinating thing for me to observe, is that without having to explain the camera technique, the technical and creative processes involved or the concepts behind the imagery, viewers just understand on a very deep level that they are getting an insider’s view of what passion, wonderment and inspiration look and feel like.

It was through Light Painting that I was invited to become an Adjunct Professor of Photography at Farmingdale State College (SUNY). And so, it is always my absolute favorite part of the semester, when I get to blow my students’ minds by teaching them the art of Light Painting. In turn, they blow my mind by sharing with me their insider’s view of what passion, wonderment and inspiration look and feel like to them. It doesn’t get better than this.


“For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is.”


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